Version: 2.12.0

Release date: Fri, 14 Aug 2020 15:25:34 +0200

What's New in iMazing 2.12

iMazing 2.12 introduces the ability to supervise devices and manage supervised devices via the new Supervision button in the actions list.

Supervise Devices

The following options are available in the supervision wizard:

Manage Supervised Devices

If a device is already supervised, the supervision wizard exposes the following options:

iOS 14 Support

Photo Transfer

Transferring photos to iPhone and iPad is again supported. Location data is omitted during the transfer because of an issue in iOS 13.4 and above which can cause photos containing location data to be removed from the device.

Other Improvements in 2.12

What's New in iMazing 2.11

iOS 14 and macOS Big Sur

iOS 13.6 and iPhone SE

iMazing is fully compatible with iOS 13.6 and iPhone SE (2020).

New in 2.11.6

A few important features for system administrators have made the jump across to the Windows version:

Tools Menu

iMazing packages three smaller utilities which you can open from the new Tools menu:

Learn more:

New Dataset: Profiles

This one is for sys-admins, developers and geeks:

Learn more:

Improvements in 2.11.8

Improvements in 2.11.7

Improvements in 2.11.6

Fixes in 2.11.6

Improvements in 2.11.4

Fixes in 2.11.4

Improvements in 2.11.2

Fixes in 2.11.2

Fixes in 2.11.1

Improvements in 2.11.0

Fixes in 2.11.0

What’s New in iMazing 2.10

Fixes in 2.10.6

Fixes in 2.10.4

Fixes in 2.10.3

Fixes in 2.10.2

Fixes in 2.10.1

Fixes in 2.10.0

What’s New iMazing 2.9.14

Fixes in 2.9.14

What’s New iMazing 2.9.13

Fixes in 2.9.13

Fixes in 2.9.12

What’s New iMazing 2.9.9

iMazing Mini
iMazing Mini and automatic backups make the jump to the Windows version of iMazing. The Windows and macOS versions of iMazing now have identical version numbers.

Export to Excel
Call history, Contacts, Safari data, Calendars, Messages and WhatsApp chats can now all be exported to .xlsx files which can be directly opened by Excel.

The Export All Data feature of iMazing includes .xlsx exports for all these data types.

Fixes in 2.9.9

Fixes in 2.9.8

Messages/WhatsApp: - Fixed case where depending on the timezone, very recent messages would only show up after resetting the date range - Fixed keyboard navigation in threads and chats - Improved handling of corrupted or missing attachments

Other fixes: * Fixed crash related to restoring app data to iOS 10.0 or 10.1 devices * Other minor fixes

What’s New iMazing 2.9.7

Fixes in 2.9.7

Fixes in 2.9.6

What’s New iMazing 2.9

This version introduces support for browsing, exporting and printing WhatsApp data, as well as a completely overhauled message data extraction and PDF generation engine for Messages.

Browsing Messages and WhatsApp chats

Performance * Loading times greatly improved * Supports arbitrarily large quantities of messages, even on older computers New displayed data types * Subject line (Messages) * Message Status (sent, delivered, read) * Group events (who joined or left and when, more...) * Service type change (SMS, MMS, iMessage) * (Optional) Contact details (email or phone number) * Windows: Emojis are finally displayed in all their colorful glory Search * Added date range filter * Added search in conversations (find all threads or chats whith a specific contact) * Text search now retains context when cleared (search for a word, select a message in the result and clear search to identify which chat the message belongs to) Export behaviours * Added contextual menu on threads * Selecting multiple threads no longer aggregates their content, instead used for bulk export of multiple conversations * Drag out selection with attachments only will export attachments. Drag out selection containing text will export to PDF Attachments * Videos, audio clips and GIFs can now be played within the view * Shared locations are displayed as such, and can be opened in Google maps or exported as links * Shared URLs displayed with site description, and can be opened in default browser or exported as links * Shared vCards containing multiple contacts are now exported to split vCards on Windows for better compatibility

Exporting to PDF and Printing

iMazing now features native PDF generation, allowing for greatly improved performance and expanded features when both exporting to PDF and printing both Messages conversations and Whatsapp chats. * Bulk export of threads to PDF (split files or single file) * Choose scale, margins and orientation * Choose paper size Optional: * Chat session name and participant details in header * Page numbers in footer * Extraction metadata in footer (great for increased legal weight)

Exporting to CSV or TXT

New fields in CSV exports: * Delivered date * Read Date * Service Type (SMS, MMS, iMessage) * Sender name * Sender contact details (email or phone number) * Subject * Attachment type * (Optional) Include header row * (Optional) Include thread/chat name (useful for bulk exports to spreadsheets) Text exports now optionally include: * Chat session name * Sender (group chats) * Date/Time * Status (Sent, Delivered, Read) * Attachment informations * Notifications * Separator between messages

What's New in 2.9.5

Fixes in 2.9.5

Fixes in 2.9.4

Fixes in 2.9.3

Fixes in 2.9.2

Fixes in 2.9.1

Fixes and smaller changes in 2.9.0

What’s New iMazing 2.8

Quite a few small but substantial improvements in this update: * New 2018 iPads Pro support * iOS 12.1 support * Managing app updates from the “Manage Apps” section is now much easier to use: a dedicated window lists available updates, and it is now easy to download updates or directly update apps on a specific device * Installing VPP apps is now supported, as long as device assignment is already done * The calendar view will now display multi-day events on multiple days and not just on the day of the event * When a device’s backup location is on an unavailable NAS, iMazing will let you know and will offer to stop trying to connect * Other tiny improvements

Fixes in 2.8.5 (9906)

Fixes in 2.8.5 (9902)

Fixes in 2.8.4 (9891)

Fixes and improvements in 2.8.3 (9874)

Lots of small fixes and adjustments here, mostly following user feedback. Thanks to all of you who got in touch!

Fixes and improvements in 2.8.2 (9842)

Fixes and improvements in 2.8.1 (9825)

Fixes and improvements in 2.8.0 (9798)

What's New in iMazing 2.7

iPhone XS & XS Max Ready, iOS 12 Compatibility

Quick Transfer Wizard

Export All Data

macOS Mojave: Dark Mode & More

What's New in iMazing 2.6

macOS Mojave Beta

What's New in iMazing 2.5

iPhone X

Brand new Manage Apps wizard