Version: 3.0.3 (21059)

Release date: Fri, 21 Jun 2024 20:05:49 +0200

We are excited to announce the release of iMazing 3.0, the next-generation of our flagship software for managing iPhones and other Apple mobile devices from a Mac or Windows PC.

iMazing 3 has been entirely redesigned and re-engineered, offering a brand new interface and a revamped user experience.

This major new edition builds on the core features that have made iMazing the industry standard for years.

What's New in iMazing 3.0.3-21059

What's New in iMazing 3.0.3-21058

What's New in iMazing 3.0.2-21053

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What's New in iMazing 3

New Interface

Home Screen

Device View

New Devices Support

Licensing Options and Upgrades

Aside from the wealth of free and trial features that iMazing is still offering, iMazing’s device-based licensing policy allows for free upgrade to iMazing 3 for any license purchased after October 2020

Also for our institutional and enterprise customers, the new iMazing Business Licenses now include the power tools for Apple mobile device fleet management and supervision:

And there’s more to come...

The new iMazing also lays the foundation for a host of new capabilities we’ll be delivering in the months and years ahead